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Overview of Group of Companies

IDC Group comprises several established companies that serve the same industries. This allows IDC to take a holistic approach and use complementary services and products from its affiliates and subsidiaries as well as its divisions, to meet a client’s needs.


AIE Industrial Equipment Trading Company was established in Dubai in 1989 to closely cater to businesses in the Northern Emirates. AIE continues to supply quality equipment, machinery, field services and spare parts to Oil & Gas exploration, refining and distribution companies.


International Development Company for Oil Equipment was established in Iraq in 2010 to serve the Oil & Gas industry in the region with a wide array of services. Its operations are based in Basra, Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah. IDCOE works with IDC and AIE to form a pan Middle Eastern conglomerate, creating a wider opportunity base for our international partners by serving more clients in different countries within the region.


IDC Manpower Supply (IDCMPS) was established to provide Oil and Gas projects with a recruitment and candidate network capable of filling a wide variety of roles. This includes niche requests such as highly specialized engineering teams, that cover industrial requirements across a wide range of areas. Today, IDCMPS has grown into a dynamic team with over 30 years’ experience. The company now caters to other industries such as Energy, Information Technology, Healthcare, Rail & Ports and Education.

PAC Technologies

PAC Technologies is a chemical factory with a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory based in Dubai. It produces a number of construction chemicals including Concrete Grinding Aids & Admixtures, as well as drilling and process chemicals for the Oil & Gas Industry. PAC Technologies also manufactures its products for several international construction chemicals companies.

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Joint Ventures


Siemens Energy

Siemens-Energy Dresser-Rand, Abu Dhabi Service Center is made up of 3,600 square meters of shop space and 1,600 square meters of office space.

Siemens Energy has extensive experience in the inspection and repair of existing Dresser-Rand, RollsRoyce, Cooper, Siemens, Clark, Ingersoll-Rand, and other OEM rotating equipment. SE Abu Dhabi Service Center offers a state-of-the-art facility and equipment as well as knowledgeable and qualified personnel, access to original OEM drawings and specifications, and the use of OEM parts to meet the clients’ needs.


Hanwha Power

Hanwha Power System’s service center was established in December 2016 and consists of 1,200 square meters of built-up space. Hanwha Power Systems provides various services to ensure stable and efficient operation of the compressors, which extends their life, increases operation time and minimizes energy loss.


Swift for Energy and Transportation

SWIFT services equipment and rebuilds engines powering the industries that drive our economy: Drilling, Electric Power Generation, Well Servicing, Construction, Gas Compression, Marine, and Power Production. Covering individual systems, single pieces of equipment, or entire fleets. SWIFT meets the most critical needs and matches the most stringent standards.


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