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At IDC Drill, we offer a unique blend of the most newly developed manufacturing technologies with a fresh perspective to traditional methods in order to produce the highest levels of quality, performance, speed of delivery, and economy.

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IDC Drill manufactures and repairs Steel body and Matrix body PDC bits, all done in our workshop in Mafraq. We use only the highest quality materials and employ experienced experts to produce a premium product.

Our product offering includes a wide range of sizes and designs for applications such as: surface, drill out, intermediate, production, slim hole, vertical, tangent, curve, s-curve, horizontal, re-entry, cased hole, through tubing, and completions bits.

Our Vision is to provide innovative products that are cost efficient and specific to each application. We believe that customer feedback is one of the most integral parts of product development. Starting at the field level we implement a system where the customer is a part of the design process every step of the way.

UAE’s leading service and supply company in the oil, gas, power and water, project construction, and petrochemical sectors

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